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Aug 19th, 2014

You are operating a business and it is just you, a single gentleman or maybe even a single woman. You are very savvy within the business community, after years of being employed with a large corporation.  Never once in all the years of being an employee, did you have to give a thought to medical […]

Dec 22nd, 2010

The impact of health insurance in any form is really determined by the type of health insurance you possess at the time you become ill. This applies to all individuals from the common cold, to the annual flu virus, to heart disease and more. The health insurance impact you experience is really dependent upon each […]

Nov 10th, 2010

All current employees will begin to see changes in their employer sponsored health insurance policy as early as January 1, 2011. The initial changes will be slow and steady to give the employee an opportunity to digest what is about to happen to their health insurance system. What all employees will experience is the reduction […]

Jul 7th, 2009

So you finally have your dream come true – a self employed business up and running, just as you have always believed. Your entrepreneurial spirit is soaring high and your friends and family are all there for the send off. Yet, with all that you have accomplished, you still have not added medical insurance as […]

Jul 2nd, 2009

Public sector Medicaid receives additional funding for low-income uninsured women. These reproductive services are considered special status by the federal government; therefore, 71% of all publicly financed family planning services cover contraceptives, gynecology testing, condoms, and STD testing, plus one-half of all states have extended financing for family planning services only under the family plan […]

Jul 2nd, 2009

During the reproductive years, reproductive women between the age of fifteen and forty-four are a great drain on the health insurance industry.  During these years, reproductive women require constant screening and medical services in the form of breast screening, pap smears, abortions, preventative contraception, and testing for diseases such as HPV, Chlamydia, and HIV/Aids. During […]

Jun 30th, 2009

The state of New York is researching the possibilities of changing and rearranging the insurance procedures in relation to better, more affordable coverage for all residents in the New York area.  Now this new language is subject to the approval and passage through the State Legislature before it becomes final and is passed along to […]

Jun 26th, 2009

The needs of the mass population in New York as a whole run far and wide, mainly because of geographical location.  It encompasses a rather colourful populous, rich in history, with a variety of people from every imaginable walk of life. The varied insurance policies and the coverage must and does take this all into […]

Jun 25th, 2009

The State of health care affordability in the USA is dismal at best.  Nearly 50 million American have no insurance or are underinsured at the present time. Though this bleak situation affects men and woman alike, the brunt of the problem is that more woman find themselves uninsured or underinsured.  Though on the whole, both genders share […]

Jun 23rd, 2009

A PPO, or more commonly referred to as a Preferred Provider Organization, is similar to an HMO or Health Maintenance Organization in many aspects. The personal freedom to choose and visit with the physician of your choice. The physician must be enlisted within the program guidelines. Stay within your provider network and your co-insurance will […]

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