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Native Americans and Insurance Coverage

Jun 26th, 2009


The needs of the mass population in New York as a whole run far and wide, mainly because of geographical location.  It encompasses a rather colourful populous, rich in history, with a variety of people from every imaginable walk of life. The varied insurance policies and the coverage must and does take this all into consideration in their ever reaching hand and in the spirit of keeping all in New York healthy. Being creative and innovative has in effect helped in the adding pertinent, refined additives to adjust the changing requests.

The Native American population is spread far and wide. Considering the reservations incorporate areas everywhere within the state, the healthcare needs of the native people vary tremendously. The health needs of those residing in the Upstate regions may vary from those living in the western regions. The needs of the indigenous tribes living in the southern regions vary from those residing on the island. The diligent work in maintaining a healthy balance incorporates the entire population. The general population of American Indian Elders, even with intervention seem to still be afflicted mostly with diseases such as:

  1. Heart ailments at 31.1% of the Elder population.
  2. Malignant disorders at 19.6% of the Elder population.
  3. Diabetes at 6.4% of the Elder population.
  4. Pneumonia at 5.8% of the Elder population.

Left untreated these diseases will ultimately lead to their deaths. Others, such as the number one killer among the population remains, diseases of the heart as with the population in general. A link to further explain what they face is www.stanford.edu , which also explains the need for better, more improved health care among the various reservations.

There are a variety of insurance plans established within the many reservation communities through the State government.  Most accept a multitude of health insurance plans which suit the individual needs. Through negotiated contracts over the many years, New York State takes responsibility for the health care needs and services that are provided to the many Native American clinics. This was started back in the 1700’s and has only grown to be more refined and defined to where it is today.

This comes in the range from Medicaid through Children assistant programs. With such a wide range of tribes throughout New York State it is amazing how well the accessibility and the referral services work so well together to provide the right insurance for the individual’s and the family’s needs.

There is a standard health care form to be filled out and submitted to assess eligibility, but the funding is supplemental to what has been established through the Native American’s services. There are specifically detailed guide lines to be followed, but the end result is all in the population having medical insurance coverage. Those who choose to leave the reservations are also eligible to the many other health insurance plans in New York. The underlying objective is always to find new ways to prevent diseases from escaping into the public and possibly causing mass panic.

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