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Aug 19th, 2014

You are operating a business and it is just you, a single gentleman or maybe even a single woman. You are very savvy within the business community, after years of being employed with a large corporation.  Never once in all the years of being an employee, did you have to give a thought to medical […]

Sep 17th, 2012

For the first since 2007, the number of insured Americans went up in 2011. The increase was mostly credited to young adults staying on their parents’ health insurance plans. A portion of the population also obtained their health coverage through Medicare and Medicaid programs. According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, people living without health […]

Jan 27th, 2012

After major coverage expansions of the Affordable Care Act are implemented in 2014, about 20 million people are anticipated to stay uninsured. The number of uninsured individuals is expected to reach an all-time low after reforms on the national health system are implemented. However, millions are still expected too remain without health coverage even after […]

Dec 22nd, 2010

Still today, even with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, individuals with pre-existing conditions that require long-term medical health care physician services continue to be denied. How can a country that was once rich in assets, technology, and scientific expertise be so inept in providing for their own citizens? Many of […]

Dec 14th, 2010

Health insurance providers welcome the young because the young are the backbone and the future for the health insurance industry to continue succeeding. The majority of the young are healthy. Therefore, are spending years paying into a health insurance system to help cover the expenses of those older. Parents who are finding it difficult to […]

Nov 16th, 2010

Individuals either who currently are diagnosed with a form of cancer or who have successfully survived and are trying to get on with their lives it is a never ending battle. This includes the consistent debating with the various health insurance providers who shy away when they hear the term cancer being mentioned by a […]

Nov 15th, 2010

Trying to acquire an affordable health insurance policy after facing the ordeal of cancer can be equally as difficult for some individuals. The common health insurance policy is set up to cover necessary medical expenses and non-medical expenses. The non-medical expenses include the loss of benefits from the loss of income as in the loss […]

Nov 12th, 2010

Health insurance of any kind for patients with a history of cancer find it very difficult to acquire even a low cost health insurance policy. To make matters even worse it is a low time in their lives because to locate reasonable employment can be a very difficult task. Prospective employers are very hesitant to […]

Nov 8th, 2010

There are many cuts to the current health insurance system and the health care system that will take a few years to implement, but it will happen. What will we be left with in the end?  If Congress does not try to amend or repeal this newly enacted health insurance revision, we can expect many […]

Oct 1st, 2010

What will the public healthcare option mean to the citizenry when it does become part of the fabric of the country? There are many citizens who are opposed to the public option and consider it a threat of freedom of choice. There are other citizens who encourage it be part of the American fabric. A very large portion […]

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