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Jul 7th, 2009

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So you finally have your dream come true – a self employed business up and running, just as you have always believed. Your entrepreneurial spirit is soaring high and your friends and family are all there for the send off. Yet, with all that you have accomplished, you still have not added medical insurance as one of your top priorities. Your spouse is at your side working with you to help see this new business grow and a few friends have offered to work from the ground level up.

The time is now to research all the variables in the insurance world to locate the policy that will fit in with your business and your pocket. No family as yet, but your first child will be born within a few months and without any insurance this could be a very expensive endeavor that would not be well-served. Insurance for self employed people at one time was so expensive it remained out of reach although one is always aware that it was there. The premiums will probably be a little higher than we expected them to be, but the insurance coverage is necessary. Most insurance companies now offer insurance protection for the self employed man or woman, but at a price.

Time is of the essence and the need to expedite this search weighs heavily on the back of your mind. Affordable health insurance for the self employed is only a telephone call away or one can begin doing their homework through the internet. Whichever road you choose to travel, your specially designed policy is out there waiting for you. With your wife expecting your first child you already are aware that good pre-natal care is of the utmost importance. Keep in mind if something needs attention down the road and you still have not made the decision as to what type of small business insurance you wish to acquire, you run the risk of your home and newly formed business being destroyed.  These are not the results you were looking for.

Unless you already have an existing policy from a previous employer your wife will probably not be covered if her pregnancy is several months old. Now is the time to weigh the differences  and you may want to begin by researching New York health insurance policies before the time you have left runs out. Just relax and take your time and make sure you understand exactly what it is that you and your wife are covered for. Sometimes you will be given a choice of a few items as to keep or try to change what you made for your medical insurance policy.

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