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Jun 23rd, 2009

ppoA PPO, or more commonly referred to as a Preferred Provider Organization, is similar to an HMO or Health Maintenance Organization in many aspects.

  1. The personal freedom to choose and visit with the physician of your choice.
  2. The physician must be enlisted within the program guidelines.
  3. Stay within your provider network and your co-insurance will be less.
  4. Leave your provider network and your co-insurance will increase.
  5. Receive a second opinion without a referral.
  6. Primary care Doctor not required.
  7. No charges for classified routine care such as:
  1. Physical examinations.
  2. Mammograms.
  3. Exams for cancer of the Prostrate.
  1. Emergency care coverage around the world.

This is a good benefit because there are times when your personality and that of the medical examiner you are seeing clash instead of come together. This can only help to make the doctor appointment more beneficial than it would otherwise be. All the physicians within this plan have already endorsed an agreement to help keep the necessary costs low in order to help you. In essence, once signed on each medical provider agrees to an already set price for given exams and the treatment of a host of ailments.

Providing you see a physician within your Preferred Provider Organization, your co-pay will be relatively low. These range between fifteen dollars per office visit and forty five dollars per office visit. Many healthy New York families prefer this plan whether they live in Buffalo or Montauk. The coverage for families all across the greater New York area remains the same.

The daunting amount of time it takes to read and fill out the many necessary forms for medical assistance has also been eliminated. Better serving the New York community is to focus attention on helping those who are ill to become well. Keeping the mass population healthy can only be a benefit to all. There is even a range of deductibles you can choose from in order to weigh the pros and cons of a higher or lower deductible. Be sure you fully understand because the higher the deductible, the more out of pocket expense you will incur.

Another fantastic feature to the PPO plan is an individual or a family can also move on to an out of network doctor without having to seek a referral first. Whether this is your first time or not, it is a difficult decision to make. When you have a young family to consider, it only compounds the difficulties you face. One of the more recent benefits to this program is the Prescription Drug Program. Once kept separate and under another plan it is now included coverage within the PPO program. This is a wonderful, time saving choice to help serve the people in a more streamline manner.


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