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Aug 29th, 2017

Another New York carrier will be exiting the marketplace. Northwell Health, parent company of CareConnect Health Insurance, Inc. has just announced that they will no longer be offering individual and group health insurance plans for 2018. On top of that, all existing CareConnect Health Insurance individual plans sold on the New York Health Exchange (NYSOH) […]

Dec 6th, 2013

Pertaining to health insurance plans on the New york state of health  exchange, “we remain concerned that New York’s Exchange is being implemented in a manner that enables health insurers to essentially run roughshod over the patients and the physicians who will be delivering their medical care.” The quote above is from a letter sent […]

Mar 15th, 2013

Enrollment in health insurance exchanges across the nation should begin on Oct. 1, 2013. Several states are scrambling to set up their own marketplaces to meet the deadline, but it looks like the U.S. government could end up running more exchanges than expected under the new healthcare law. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act […]

Nov 16th, 2011

 carriers. This is after Governor Cuomo urged insurers to make public the details as to why there is a need for them to increase their premiums. Health insurers who wanted to increase their premiums by at least 10% came to DFS with their application. The health care reform requires them to seek approval from the […]

Oct 11th, 2011

  Healthy NY is a New York healthcare program designed to provide coverage to financially challenged individuals, sole proprietors, and small business owners. This allows qualified NY residents to be covered under a comprehensive health insurance program at affordable rates. Through the Healthy NY program, individuals can provide adequate coverage for themselves and their families; […]

Oct 11th, 2011

Healthy NY membership is monitored through the three different client groups they have: individuals, sole proprietors, and small business groups. There are 14 health insurance carriers providing coverage under the Healthy NY program:           Aetna Easy Choice CDPHP Empire Excellus GHI (HMO & EPO) HIP Health Net Health Now Independent Health […]

Oct 3rd, 2011

Every year Healthy NY conducts a survey to check how members feel about being part of this health insurance NY program. This information is included in their annual report. The survey was conducted by Burns & Associates, Inc. (B&A) during the summer of 2010. The survey was given to 12% of sole proprietors and working […]

Sep 27th, 2011

Healthy New York has launched two pilot projects – HealthCore which is designed for individuals and small business owners in Central New York and Brooklyn HealthWorks for small businesses in Brooklyn. HealthCore is a pilot project of Healthy New York that aims to provide health and insurance coverage to working individuals, students sole proprietors, and […]

Sep 21st, 2011

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to make health insurance available to every American. Because of this, states are mandated to set up their own health care exchange. If not, the federal government will set up the exchange for them. Health insurance exchanges will allow residents to clearly see their health insurance options through a […]

Sep 20th, 2011

Supporters of the health care reform in New York are worried that the state will miss the deadline for funding the start up costs of establishing a New York health insurance exchange. The health care reform requires states to establish their own health insurance exchange by 2014 where residents can choose from a wide selection […]

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