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Jan 4th, 2012

It is an accepted fact that finding health insurance coverage for individuals with pre-existing health conditions can be quite challenging. This is a natural business strategy in the health insurance industry. Health insurance providers generally make their profit by accepting lower-risk patients. Offering health insurance quotes to individuals who may someday require expensive drugs or […]

Aug 31st, 2009

Every year, self-employed health insurance costs skyrocket bringing with the increases more self-employed workers who cannot find affordable self-employed health insurance premiums that must spend time looking around for affordable health insurance quotes on various health insurance coverage plans for their families.  This makes medical insurance an issue for all those who require a family plan […]

Aug 27th, 2009

Millions of baby boomers and seniors are now starting their own businesses, due to career changes and as a means to supplement their retirement income.  With this change also comes the change to their health insurance.  Many people enter into entrepreneurship without realizing what will happen to their medical health insurance and then have a […]

Aug 19th, 2009

Working independently does have its rewards. Becoming your own boss, deciding how many days or hours a week you spend working and how far you are willing to travel. These decisions, being your own, are very rewarding, but there are other issues that need your attention as well, like affordable health insurance coverage. One issue […]

Aug 19th, 2009

With so many individuals referring to themselves as boss, it does raise a few questions about the future of how conducting business is worth addressing. Exactly who are these creative individuals striking out on their own? What separates them from the countless others who are “employees”? Is the future of self employment good for the […]

Aug 18th, 2009

Trying to make a niche is not as easy to accomplish, as it seems. There is so much behind the scene work that goes on, along with a fundamental understanding of all that is required. One of the differences is you will no longer be able to rely on a base line or regular income. […]

Aug 17th, 2009

Thinking about taking the next step and becoming self-employed while living within the borders of New York State. In an economy that is sliding downward, this is no easy task to accomplish. Will you be working solo or will the type of business you are interested in require a few extra set of hands? It […]

Aug 13th, 2009

Being self employed denotes many good feelings of accomplishment to many individuals and rightfully so. The whole concept of no longer taking orders, but making decisions for the betterment of your own future entices many to make the transition. This is all well and good, but what happens when you have an unforeseen accident and […]

Aug 12th, 2009

There are currently about 800,000 self employed living and working within the borders of New York. Like the many corporations they too need to find affordable health insurance coverage for themselves and their employees. Though there are a variety of insurers and plans to choose from the HRA’s or Health Reimbursement Accounts seem to be […]

Aug 11th, 2009

Health officials across the country are concerned with the conditions of our fresh water supply and especially the tap water that we drink. Pesticides and pollution of all kinds pass through aged and faulty filter systems across the country and in turn Americans are turning on the taps and drinking this pollution by the gallons.  […]

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