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Health Insurance For Individuals With Pre-Existing Conditions

Jan 4th, 2012

health insurance for individualsIt is an accepted fact that finding health insurance coverage for individuals with pre-existing health conditions can be quite challenging. This is a natural business strategy in the health insurance industry. Health insurance providers generally make their profit by accepting lower-risk patients. Offering health insurance quotes to individuals who may someday require expensive drugs or treatments does not make a lot of sense. However, there are several steps you can take to go around this and there are laws that protect those who fall in this category. Here are some ways you can get health insurance if you have pre-existing health conditions.

The first step you need to take is to examine the health insurance providers available in your area. It is recommended that you take a look at each provider in order to filter through all of your options. You should note that large metropolitan areas may have access to a wider range of providers compared to smaller towns. Make a preliminary list of health insurance companies that you feel can provide you with the right coverage. Visit their websites and examine the policies they offer; you may also call them and discuss your situation.

You should understand that individuals with pre-existing conditions will most likely have to adhere to a different set of rules when dealing with whatever health plan they subscribe to. Hence, clients with pre-existing conditions should not be too choosy when selecting a health plan. If you find a plan that suits your needs as a client with an existing condition, then you should take advantage of that plan.

Going for a group health plan is the best route you can take when you have a pre-existing health condition. You can get this plan either through your employer or through an organization you belong to. Most group plans will readily accept clients who sign up to keep a group satisfied. Group plans generate a huge income for insurance companies. Verify with your employer or your organization and see whether you qualify for a group health plan.

Losing your job and health insurance won’t necessarily mean the end of the road for you. You can still have insurance coverage through what is known as “insurer of last resort.” In each state, a designated health insurance provider is assigned to provide health insurance for individuals who recently lost their jobs. This plan is available to every individual who wants to apply for it within 63 days of losing their group health plan or health insurance through work. Because the guaranty is only assured by the state within a 63-day window, application is best done immediately after losing your group or work health insurance. Delaying the process may lead you to lose this opportunity.

Individuals who cannot qualify for the insurance mentioned above can check with their state’s health department to see if they have a high-risk pool. This specifically targets patients with pre-existing health conditions but without insurance to aid them with their medical bills. More than half of the states in the nation currently offer high-risk pools to their residents. Find out if one is available in your area through your health department.

Lastly, you may find a lot of help from around your social circle and others with similar situation in your area. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be very valuable when looking for local support and information.

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