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Feb 2nd, 2012

One of the new changes with the health care reform bill is the categories each individual is placed when they begin to shop around for adequate self-employed health insurance. There is no special category for the self-employed and freelance entrepreneurs and that in itself does present a major difficulty. Unless you have a wife, sister, […]

Feb 2nd, 2012

Sole proprietors, partnerships, and members of a limited liability or LLC are considered to be self-employed individuals in the eyes of the government. These constitute the majority of the small businesses that covet the country. Health insurance has always been an issue because of the high expense comparable to other surrounding larger businesses. The larger […]

Feb 22nd, 2011

Larger corporations have many advantages when it comes to an affordable health insurance plan simply because of the number of employees they have on their payroll. The potentials are endless and there are many benefits that the employees will gain from because of the number of employees with the corporation. In many cases, the employees, […]

Jan 11th, 2011

Small business owner operators and self-employed individuals often search out the health insurance purchasing groups. This is a method often utilized to favor the entrepreneur to locate an affordable self-employed health insurance policy. Included with this is the ability to locate an affordable health insurance policy through the joining of other like-minded small business owner […]

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