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Health Insurance Purchasing Groups

Jan 11th, 2011

health insurance purchasing groupsSmall business owner operators and self-employed individuals often search out the health insurance purchasing groups. This is a method often utilized to favor the entrepreneur to locate an affordable self-employed health insurance policy. Included with this is the ability to locate an affordable health insurance policy through the joining of other like-minded small business owner operators and self-employed individuals.

The reason for purchasing affordable health insurance in this manner is to help reduce the initial cost of a health insurance policy, such as the high priced individual health insurance policy. In this way, the community is served well because whether it is a small business owner operator or a self-employed individual there are cost factors that must be taken into consideration.

When the turnkey factor increases for a small business or a self-employed individual, the cost is then passed on to all the clients that frequent the business. Self-employed health insurance also factors into this and can be the determining factor of higher cost to the shopper or lower cost to the shopper. By participating with a purchasing group, there is a very good chance you will receive a health insurance policy that fits your requirements at a much lower cost.

Another consideration for the self-employed individual is whether to add dental, vision, and other alternative medical health care methods to the annual self-employed health insurance policy. This will cause your initial agreed to health insurance premium to rise substantially and cause the average monthly cost for health insurance to increase.

These are facts to take into consideration before signing on the dotted line. Other issues to consider are.

1. An understanding of the various health insurance plans and the difference between a higher deductible and a lower deductible

2. Request a health insurance policy comparison to help you make a more informed decision before agreeing to a specific self-employed health insurance policy

3. Compare the average monthly cost for health insurance and the type of health care coverage you will be receiving

4. Read the draft of the health insurance policy that was written for you and compare it again with those items that are important for your needs

5. Remember that very soon the health insurance you are familiar with will change dramatically. Depending upon your medical needs your cost will continue to rise annually

6. Once you have made your decision you will have to decide upon a start date for your self-employed health insurance to be effective

These are only a few of the items that you will need to become familiar when making a decision on the type of self-employed health insurance policy you require.

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