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Self Employed Business of One

Feb 2nd, 2012

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One of the new changes with the health care reform bill is the categories each individual is placed when they begin to shop around for adequate self-employed health insurance. There is no special category for the self-employed and freelance entrepreneurs and that in itself does present a major difficulty. Unless you have a wife, sister, close friend or another individual who is sharing the business with you, you will be charged the higher rate for even a low cost health insurance policy.

The main difficulty is that even though you may be a self employed entrepreneur, the government does not recognize your accomplishments with respect to any affordable health insurance policy. You are then treated as a single individual and therefore relegates to an individual health insurance policy. Even if you are completely healthy and have no pre-existing conditions that you are aware of you will pay the higher rate for self-employed health insurance.

Just as the individual health insurance policy is at a higher rate, it is because there is no way for the health insurance provider to judge as to your past medical history. Unlike any of the group health insurance that is more affordable, you might want to consider the few options that are available to you.

One of those options is to consider enrolling with the health insurance policy of a spouse that may have access through a current employer. A second option is to recruit your spouse or a friend into your business to increase your opportunity to a better serving self-employed health insurance option. The third option is to visit with your local Chamber of Commerce and discuss your requirements with the other small business operators and self-employed individuals.

There are many times when individuals who are self-employed can purchase into the group health insurance that is offered through the Chamber of Commerce. The average monthly cost for health insurance will be expensive, but not as expensive as trying to acquire an individual health insurance policy.

There are a few states that allow for a small business of one, which of course is really the self-employed individual. In this instance, you will have the advantage of acquiring a self-employed health insurance through the larger group health insurance, but it will be necessary for you to check with the state you reside first before beginning a new search. It will take some time away from the daily exercise of running your business, but in the end, you many find it as an advantage.

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