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The Cause and Effect of Autism

Feb 2nd, 2012

autismWe the people in the public realm refer to the complex developmental brain disorders that affect certain individuals as autism. This is the clean, neat, and tidy version to cover up what is really going on, especially with boys, though girls are diagnosed with autism too. Other more technical terms used by the medical health care community are the following.

1. Asperger’s Syndrome

2. Rett Syndrome

3. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Parents who have children diagnosed by a medical health physician with Autism understand very well how difficult life can be. The child will appear fine for a period of time, then without warning will be emotionally cut off from the outside world and live for a time in a world that is a void to the parents.

Autism is slowly coming to the forefront of the medical health community and parents are having a difficult time adding these children to their long-standing affordable health insurance policy. Many parents are finding that their particular insurance policy will not permit the child diagnosed with Autism to be added to the insurance policy.

The parents are told they can add the child diagnosed with Autism to the health insurance policy they maintain, but the child will not be permitted to receive any insurance coverage for the Autism for a period of eighteen months. What does a parent do? Their child demands immediate medical care to help with the many issues the child is suffering.

Now that a diagnosis of Autism has been moved to the attention of the mass public, the medical health physicians are noticing a very disturbing trend with the population and recognize a need for a universal health care plan. Autism diagnosis today is becoming more common a threat to health than childhood cancer, diabetes, and juvenile AIDS.

Has Autism been around through the centuries and just not diagnosed or is it a disease of today? If Autism is a disease only diagnosed in recent years by the medical health physicians what is the primary cause? These families with a child diagnosed with one form or another of Autism are now forced to seek out the state insurance because the low cost health insurance through known insurance providers are refusing to cover.

However, with the passage of the health reform, even those children diagnosed by a medical health physician are mandated to receive insurance coverage. This will help the children, but how will it affect the insurance providers.

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