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Health Insurance and Autism Coverage

May 26th, 2010

health insuranceIn all these years, parents and other family members trying to find health insurance assistance and coverage for their autistic child continue to have an up hill battle to fight. The health insurance industry has been insistent on not providing adequate long-term coverage for autism. Parents on the other side have been fighting valiantly to have the ability to provide their child with the best possible medical health care possible.

Behavioral therapy is what most children affected with autism require keeping the motor co-ordination developing through the years into adulthood. The health care providers realize very well, what an expensive adventure this is over the lifetime of the child.

Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy is very necessary in helping the autistic child learn. This is through very tiny steps. The health care community recognizes the painstaking effort that is involved and how it will take years before the autistic child will reach a point of being fully perceptive to his or her surroundings.

Obviously, there is no low cost health insurance that can help to defray the overall costs, but on the other hand, there are many non-profit organizations that continue to raise money for autism that even the health care providers recognize as a step in the right direction.

The main difficulty over the years between the health insurance provider and the parents of autistic children is with the Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy, which is extraordinarily expensive. Yet, this is the one therapy that seems to be showing promise for all those diagnosed with autism.

This split between the health insurance industry and the parents of children diagnosed with autism is the upgraded techniques that have been developed with this program since the health care providers began the inception. The children are learning because the health care providers have found a unique way to get through and reach those dark areas where the mind travels.

By helping these children come back to the living world at a young age will ultimately compliment the whole of society by not having to provide as much when these autistic children grow into adulthood. There are different degrees of autism and by the time these children do reach adulthood, they stand an opportunity to be productive citizens and contribute to society if even in a small way.

The health care providers and the medical community working together to come up with the technology to help these autistic children ought to be afforded the medical health coverage to treat these autistic children properly.

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