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May 10th, 2010

health insuranceHealth care costs are consistently on the rise causing many families, especially the low-income families to forfeit the medical health insurance they have grown to depend upon. How sad this is for these families because they have tried hard to keep up with the rising cost all too little or no avail. Unfortunately, these are the families who are hit the hardest when we as a country slide into a recession.

In a way, you could say this has been a revolving door situation for generations. This was left ignored by the mass majority. Of course, today it is much easier for the mass population to shop around and begin to compare health care costs from one insurance company to the next. Today we all have access to the internet even if we do not subscribe to the service personally.

Try comparison-shopping, as this is a very ingenious way to gather an abundance of information through one specific web site and receive information on detailed individual health insurance coverage, and cost. There is also a survey you can easily fill out with specific information regarding your family health care medical history to receive accurate results.

Always be sure to read the fine print as this is the section that details the exceptions and the rate your insurance premiums will increase. In most cases, the health insurance quotes will not include any dental coverage or may have an inclusion for out of pocket expense per individual, per family before the medical health insurance will cover a percentage of medical expenses. Some of the pertinent information you will want to research are:

1. Co-payment expense per office visit, per individual
2. Hospitalization expense
3. Extent of pre-conditions and the waiting period
4. Drug coverage by prescription
5. Health insurance coverage in the case an ambulance is required

Discussing the coverage and the waiting period regarding pre-conditions is another important aspect when researching a new medical insurance provider. Taking the time now will save you much grief when you need the insurance assistance the most.

When you find the affordable health insurance that meets your family’s basic requirements, it is time to make a few telephone calls and try to set up an in house appointment to discuss the details. This is when you will discuss the cost of your annual insurance policy and receive an estimate of the average monthly cost for health insurance in order for you to have a more complete picture and balance your family budget.

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