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Citizens Struggling with Pre-Existing Conditions

Sep 23rd, 2010

pre-existing conditionsThere are millions of citizens today who are suffering quietly because they have been turned away from the health insurance providers because they have one or more pre-existing conditions. The health insurance industry has long practiced a policy of offering affordable health insurance to prospective clients, but excluding any known pre-existing conditions for a period of up to twelve months.

Individuals become very frustrated when they hear this information repeated over and over by other health insurance providers. The problem is that every individual still needs health insurance, even low cost health insurance to cover basic needs. The problem is that many individuals will focus in on the one or two items that they must wait.

The one time this does not become a problem is when you are part of a group health insurance policy through your employer. When the employer decides to change the health insurance carrier, most other health insurance carriers will continue with health insurance coverage without stipulating the customary waiting period for pre-existing conditions.

The one issue all individuals have to understand is that the health insurance providers are in the business of making money to continue offering assistance to the mass of citizenry. When they must continually pay, money out on health insurance claims that could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars it becomes much too costly.

However, under the new health insurance reform bill that was recently signed into law it created a dilemma for all the health insurance providers. The law stipulates that no individual may be turned away for affordable health insurance coverage because of one or more pre-existing conditions.
This standing on its own merit will put some health insurance providers out of business or will cause the annual and average monthly cost for health insurance to increase. Although it was promised that all health insurance policies would reduce in cost over time, this is just impossible to deliver.

The health insurance rates for all participating individuals will increase because it will be necessary for the health insurance providers to remain in business. The amount of money each health insurance provider has available to pay out in health insurance claims is contingent on the collective total of all clients paying into the system.

This will mean the need to acquire more healthy individuals into the system for it to remain viable in the future years. Perhaps that is why the new health insurance reform bill mandates that all citizens must participate. What will happen when millions of individuals opt to pay the mandated fine instead?

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