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Elderly Assistance

Aug 3rd, 2009

elderlyLife in general for you and your family has been going along fine. Your wife’s parents have recently moved in with you, and you need to help them find additional medical coverage for their unfortunate failing health. Where do you even begin to search to find adequate individual health insurance provisions for them?  Your mother in law was recently diagnosed with Dementia, and your father in law is in need of triple bi-pass surgery within the next two or three months.

As a couple, they have had medical health coverage for many years, partially through the state of New York and one of the supplemental insurance policies to cover the incidental items not originally covered. However, you have come to the realization that the affordable health insurance they currently have is not enough to pay for all the necessary help they need. The operation on your father in law alone will cost more than can be afforded.

The medical physicians you spoke with, about your mother in law, have recommended a nursing home but that does not come cheap. You want a nursing home that will provide the best care possible, with caring and qualified personnel to assist. These issues, and many others can be very devastating on a family; especially one’s who still have young children in the home.

In the future, you are in hopes your children will attend college to be afforded a better opportunity, when they do enter the working world. With so much for you to consider, time is of the essence and choices must be made. Your wife wants to keep her parents in the home and help them through all the possibilities that may present themselves in the future. The problem is with the low cost health insurance they currently have.

There are a few rules, regulations and guide lines that will not allow an incapacitated person to remain in the home without the proper care. This will take much research to find the right supplemental plan that will cover home care even when you need to hire a nurse. These kinds of expenses can add up quickly and become devastating to many families who are not aware. The first place to go to begin your homework is with the many health plans, such as United Health Care, the state of New York offers for families with elderly parents. By educating yourself early you will have the knowledge to choose the right insurance plan that will work with you, and keep the out of pocket expense low.

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