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Feb 2nd, 2012

Verifying employment status for the freelance and self-employed entrepreneur can be very difficult. This is a topic that is seldom discussed out in the open, but becomes a major issue when the freelance and self-employed entrepreneur wants to apply for a business loan and for self-employed health insurance. If it feels like you are jumping […]

Feb 7th, 2011

All the town hall gatherings and speeches to preach to the public and assure every one that we need the passage of the health reform bill to lower the cost of insurance and improve the quality of the delivery of medical care. The health reform bill was signed into law March 2010 and it has […]

Feb 1st, 2011

Stepping away from the world of an employer, employee relationship is not for everyone. However, there is a large portion of the population who does step away after considering what type of self-employed business they wish to endeavor. Working for years and having an employer funded health insurance plan seems to slip from the radar […]

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