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Doctor Owned Hospitals in Jeopardy

Feb 2nd, 2012

doctor owned hospitalsUnder the new mandates of the health care reform bill, medical health care doctor owned hospitals are in jeopardy of closing if they do not conform to the new government standards set forth in the bill. These are hospital facilities that are in general referred to as specialty hospitals and they are all in competition with the locally run health care community hospitals.

There are new rules, laws, and regulations being issued that will change our perspective of these specialty hospitals. Until the present time, these specialty hospitals existed for the sole purpose of specific injuries and diseases with the intent to help patients to heal and return to the world of the living. Quality of life is very important and the specialty hospitals that are owned by one or more medical health care physicians with a specific ailment to conquer.

Anyone who is familiar with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota understand the magnitude of perfecting one’s skill for specialty health care delivery for the benefit of the patient. Most of the buildings are their own specialty and individuals from around the world know this is the one hospital unit to turn to in order to become well.

Now with the passage of the health care reform bill, these buildings may all eventually close down and the medical health care physicians, registered nurses, and other staff members will all be put out of employment. No longer, are these specialty hospitals permitted to expand and grow to meet the needs of the local community. Specialty medical health care facilities and hospital units that will soon be closing are.

1. Cardiology specialty medical health care hospitals

2. Burn unit specialty medical health care hospitals

3. Cancer specialty medical health care hospitals

4. Glaucoma specialty medical health care hospitals

The list of specialty medical health care hospitals that will be quietly closing and disappearing from the landscape are many. These are only a few that will be missed when they no longer exist. This is because they are seen as competing with the local community hospitals and confiscating needing funding.

If we the people allow these specialty hospitals to downsize and eventually close, there will be hundreds of thousands of individuals who will be left with no alternative for a better chance of survival. If this does happen, some of the medical health care physicians and their staff will close the doors and walk away. Others will leave the country and practice medical health care in foreign lands. The remaining medical health care physicians will search for employment through a community hospital and do the best they can to help save lives.

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