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Fate of Hospitals

Feb 2nd, 2012

fate of hospitals

There are many local community hospitals today that are closing their doors or reducing the health staff that keeps them operational. Many of the community hospitals are the medical health physician-owned hospitals. They are considering closing because they will no longer have the ability to expand and grow to accommodate the growing community where they reside. But what is the fate of hospitals?

There are other community health care hospitals that are combining their efforts in order to keep up with their communities in a different setting. This will certainly be a challenge to all the health providers who are participating. The remaining hospitals make the attempt to keep their doors open while providing quality health services to all who enter the premise leaving many questions.

The additional thirty or forty million individuals who will now have access through the rules laid down in the health reform bill leave some doubtful as to how well the medical health physicians and the health insurance industry will be able to cooperate with each other. Quality medical care at the moment is still of the utmost importance, but will quality medical care be compromised into quantity medical care?

The insurance industry is being mandated to forgo certain areas that they have held on to for decades in lieu of an affordable health insurance for more citizens. Does anyone wonder if this will function as it says on paper? Will the delivery of the medical health physician be lowered to the simplistic form of medicine? When you are left with more patients to be responsible for and fewer medical health physicians to administer the care you are facing a catastrophe down the road.

This united health care mentality that is slowly being developed may not function, as many of the citizens believe that it will. Granted this is only the beginning, but there has already been a few flaws and delays with the health reform bill. It appears that there are more individuals being turned away than accepted. Where do they go?

Another difficulty the medical health physicians and the community hospital staff is facing is fewer trained individuals to participate and a reduction of reimbursements through the general insurance industry. When the hospitals admit senior citizens with a threatening ailment, they realize they will be receiving over twenty percent less in reimbursement from the government’s institution of the universal health care. This will also play a role in which the community hospitals and the medical health physicians permit for admission.

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