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Who Decides On Your Health Care?

Aug 16th, 2010

health careNow that The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is law, what will come next? When will we the people learn of what this new law entails right down to the smallest detail? How will the health insurance industry and the medical health care community be changes, rearranged, or perhaps eliminated?

Will we the people have any choices left? Will this new government take over the health insurance industry and be the final nail in the coffin for all citizens? One of the major changes in the new health insurance law that passed will be to limit the number of visits per year.

What this means is that you the individual will be told when you can and cannot visit your medical health care physician and he or she may not be the medical physician you have been accustomed to visiting. Yes, it is true that it has been said many times, over how you will continue to visit with the medical physician you were accustomed to seeing, but that will be the exception and not the rule.

It will be your government through the Internal Revenue Service who will decide when you are ill enough to seek medical health care assistance. By limiting the number of times per year an individual may visit with a medical health care physician reduces the overall cost nationwide.

The newly designated Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute will be researching and experimenting with the cause and effect of known treatments, technological equipment, and prescription medications. The purpose of this is to decide which medications will have the same affect for treatment, but at a lower cost.

Are you concerned about what this means for your health care? The government has now appointed itself through this new health insurance law to be permanently in charge of deciding what treatments and medications are best suited for your needs, not your medical health care physician.

If the government decides, you do not require any medication or treatment that is what you will be forced to accept. On those occasions when you require the assistance of a medical health care provider you will need to ask for permission from the government first or run the risk of having to pay all medical costs incurred out of pocket.

The best option you can have is to remain as healthy as you possibly can and maybe consider growing a few medicinal herbs. The Aloe medicinal herb comes to mind because when you slit the leaves open and place on burns and cuts it works as well as medicine.


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