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Shaquille Oneal

Jan 19th, 2010

ShaquilleShaquille O’Neal is regarded by many as one of the most dominant players in NBA history. His towering 7 ft I in frame has also made him one of the largest players to ever have played in the NBA. During his seventeen years in the NBA he has continue to demonstrate his masterful talent and skill at basketball. And he has also received numerous recognitions as a player, including the NBA’s MVP award, 2 scoring titles, 14 All-NBA team selections and many more. In addition he has been a player in four different seasons where his team won the championship. While in the NBA he has played for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers. From his rookie year through the present he remains a very formidable presence on the court. And his accomplishments while playing have truly proven his amazing caliber of talent as well as his commitment to excellence. To his fans he remains an inspiration and model of a true champion. And his talents have reached beyond the court since he has also been involved in performing in both movies and television. In addition he has been involved in some reality-based productions such as a documentary called Apple Pie that as hosted by ESPN and also a reality series on ESPN called Shaquille.

But despite all this talent and the fact that he is such an amazing athlete it does not mean he never get sick. While playing basketball he has suffered several injuries like many athletes. These have included hip problems and injury to his quadriceps. And that is part of what should up to remind all of us that no matter how much we prepare, regardless of what we do to maintain a healthy life style, we can still have accidents. Which is why no one, even a person who is in great physical condition can afford to avoid the need for health care. It is part of the many realities in life that we can’t control. It is doesn’t matter if you are very careful and have access like a professional athlete to great medical care, you can still have those emergencies in the most unexpected times and ways. You might be a superstar at whatever is your profession, but it won’t be enough to keep you from those types of health emergencies that happen to everyone. And that means the best choice and the only one that will provide any really protection is to have your own health insurance coverage.

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