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Health Insurance for Athletes

May 27th, 2010

health insuranceIs it really that odd that affordable health insurance and all athletics, whether amateur sports or professional sports just do not go together?  The health insurance providers are placed into a quandary of sorts because statistics are apparent that sports injuries are going to be very costly. Obviously, this is one of the main reasons why sports participants are generally placed in the high-risk pools.

When an amateur sports participants or a professional sports participant reads the listing of what all health insurance providers put into print, is it really that unusual to see that most sports activities are on the list? Serious injuries for any individual can be very expensive when you consider the down time that is involved, the actual surgery, and the time that is required to co-valence.

The expenses will add up very quickly and although the health insurance provider is there to help you when you are suffering severe medical difficulties, they are also a business. How long will the health insurance industry remain in the business of trying to help all individuals if they are constantly paying out more than they are taking in?

Amateur sports participants and professional sports participants are no different from any other individual, save for the fact that they deliberately risk their health every time they step out into the sports arena of their choice.  It is just a matter of to what degree the injuries will be. Some of the know sports are:

1.                                                            Football, hockey, and soccer

2.                                                            Tennis, Rugby, and roller blade

3.                                                            Baseball, skiing, and mountain climbing

4.                                                            Bobsledding, and Lacrosse

In the professional opinion of both the health insurance provider and the health care provider, they place motorsports in all forms at the top of the health insurance list. Whether it is a stock car sports event or a motorcycle, event the sustainable injuries come fast and furious and the sports participants are already aware that the high-risk pool is their only option short of paying out of pocket.

Concussions, bone fractures, and broken bones are a few of the more severe injuries that are very common throughout most sports activities. Part of the acknowledgment of the difficulty as acknowledged by the health insurance industry is that these types of injuries will occur over and over with the same sports participant. Statistically, there are more than two million amateur sports participants and professional sports participants who sustain these injuries every year.

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