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6 Tips to Avoid Sports Injuries

Sep 21st, 2012

avoid sports injuriesSports activities are a great way to get your body in shape if you can’t find time to go to the gym. However, injuries are common when participating in physical sports and getting an injury can turn your progress back by several steps.  Here are important tips to avoid sports injuries:

1. Get proper conditioning.

You should train regularly to stay in shape if you want to participate in any sport. Being a weekend warrior will make you prone to injuries. Do not expect that your sport will get you into shape. Instead, you should find a conditioning program suited for your sport.

2. Know the rules.

In sports, rules aren’t made to be broken. They’re made, in part, to help keep everyone safe. This is especially important in contact sports. Follow the rules of conduct and avoid illegal moves. They can help you, your teammates, and your opponents avoid injury.

3. Wear proper gear and equipment.

Some sports require you to wear protective gear like helmets, gloves, and mouth guards. Make sure you wear them even if you are not playing an official game. Make sure everything fits to make your gear more effective.

4. Get enough rest.

Athletes who train extensively for several consecutive days are more likely to get injured. It’s wrong to think that the more you train, the better you will play. Adequate rest is an essential part of proper training. It will make you stronger and help prevent overuse injuries, over fatigue, and poor judgment.

5. Warm up.

Warming up muscles is important to prevent injuries. However, not just any warm up will do. Your routine should be appropriate for your activities ahead. You can perform specific stretches or even start playing your sport at a slower pace.

6. Don’t play when in pain or very tired.

Your physical coordination diminishes as you get tired. You need to recover your strength by getting enough rest. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong. It may be that you are already experiencing some type of injury. Watch out for warning signs your body provides.

According to research, there are two major factors that contribute to sports injury:

History of injury. Previously injured muscles, joints, and other tissues tend to become chronic problems for most athletes. It is crucial to warm up, stretch, and cool down these areas properly.

Several consecutive days of training. Your body needs time to rest in order to give muscles and connective tissues some time to repair themselves.


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