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Rise of Caesarean Sections

Dec 20th, 2010

caesarean sectionsAt one time, the Caesarean sections as a choice for delivery was very rare because of the danger to the mother and child. Today, more women are making a conscience effort to have discussions with their medical health care physician. The Caesarean section is beginning to be the new norm and this raises the concern for the entire health insurance industry. There are a number of legitimate concerns that have begun to surface over the past few decades.
1. Health care that supports physiologic labor
2. Side effects of common labor interventions
3. Health care physician insistence after first Caesarean section
4. Relaxed attitude towards most surgical procedures
5. Lack of physical and emotional awareness
6. Malpractice fears on the part of the medical health care physician
7. Timed births aid the medical health care physician
Many community hospitals today are short staffed and are no longer able to assist a new mother through a natural birth procedure. Time is the most unforgiving factor and by agreeing to a Caesarean section the medical health care physician and the entire hospital, staff can birth more newborns in a day instead of waiting out the hours.
The health insurance providers on the other hand are against this particular method as a means for the medical health care physician and the woman to save time. This is one of the main causes why the average monthly cost for health insurance for women of childbearing years is so expensive.
Inducing labor, which was a common practice in some parts of the country and the world, played a predominant role in birthing of a newborn. However, in later years the medical health care community has found this to be a detrimental practice to women delivering their first child.
It takes a much longer amount of time for the cervix to soften and become ready for delivery in new mothers. Many health care physicians and hospital staff do not have the labor force to devote eighteen hours, twenty-four hours, or thirty-two hours for the natural birth of a child. This becomes a very costly task for the community hospital who must divide their attention to an entire hospital of individuals with all sorts of medical health care needs.
On the other side of the coin we have a new breed of obstetricians whose desire is to spend more leisure time on the golf course or with their family members on a thirty foot yacht than to be devoted to the life work they originally chose.

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