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Cesarean Section Denials

Dec 20th, 2010

cesarean sectionAre you one of millions of women of childbearing age today who are being refused health insurance of all kinds? Do you find it next to impossible to acquire health insurance quotes by a choice of possible health insurance providers? Health insurance providers have made it clear that they will no longer offer affordable health insurance to women of childbearing years because of the strong tendency of the rise in Cesarean sections over the past few decades.
The various health insurance providers understand very well that when a woman has opted for a Caesarean section for her choice of delivery, it will be the option for a second birth and possibly a third birth. This is just the trend the health insurance providers have noticed through the records and charts they have kept over the past few decades.
When a woman and her medical health care physician agree to take the route of Caesarean section it becomes the logical choice for future births. When a mother chooses a natural health care birth for subsequent children, she may want to add to the current family. There are medical dangers to the health of the mother and the future newborn.
Most women who choose Caesarean section for delivery of their first child will be facing the possible risk of a uterine rupture where the uterus splits open along the previous surgical incision. The medical health care physicians and the health insurance providers understand this can jeopardize the health of the mother and of the child during delivery.
The choice of a Caesarean section also causes the health insurance provider to pay out an abnormally high expense to the medical health care physician and the hospital staff. These costs continue to rise rapidly and now the health insurance providers are no longer offering any type of low cost health insurance to women in the range of childbearing years.
Health insurance providers understand the average Caesarean section birth cost more than a natural birth, as most surgical procedures are much more expensive. Rather than one or two medical health care providers assisting the mother, there is a team of medical health care physicians, each with their particular specialties. When you add the cost of medical supplies and prescription medication along with the longer hospital stay per female patient the cost rises even more.
An average caesarean section with no complications to the mother or to the newborn can be as high as forty thousand dollars per birth. This is an unsustainable figure for the various health insurance providers to keep up with unless they continue to double the average monthly cost for health insurance for all subscribers.

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