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Professional Sports and Health Insurance

Apr 5th, 2010

health insuranceMany of the colleges and universities around the country have become very involved in a variety of sports activities such as baseball, soccer, tennis, and football. As amazing as these sports are and the discipline that each of the individual students must sustain sports is a big business like health care. Today, this is what brings notoriety to any given college and university and home games treated as a very big celebration.

These quality and usually very popular sports participants also require a substantial affordable health insurance policy to see them through each of the games. Many of the college and university sports participants with have medical insurance through the sports health package and some of these specially designed insurance policies are a far cry from the usual school policies.

The sports health insurance policies today offer the specialty sports participants in excess of ten million dollars worth of medical coverage with the added coverage for catastrophic coverage should any one of the sports participants become severely injured during the participation of a game.

Many of the college and university sports participants are currently involved in searching for more complete and comprehensive health insurance coverage. This type of health insurance policy coverage does go far beyond the generalized medical coverage, but they are now concerned with the possibility of catastrophic injury and the possibility of death. This came about lately because of the few sports participants across the country who have sustained injuries and who have recently died during and after a lengthy practice session.

Unfortunately the average monthly cost for health insurance coverage under these circumstances is exceptionally high and therefore not every sports participant can afford such coverage. However, for those more popular sports participants these are new types of medical insurance policies. Some of the necessary items the sports participants are searching are:

1.    One million dollars of sports liability health insurance

2.    One million dollars for each additional occurrence

3.    Two million dollars worth of medical coverage for catastrophic events

4.    One million dollars  per occurrence with a three million dollar combination

Many of the sports participants within the college and university setting are far savvier than ever before and are looking to change the delivery system of health care to a more formidable type of policy to cover those items not covered in past health insurance policies. They are all fully aware that it may still take a number of years to be in a position to fine tune what they are in search of, but in time it will happen.

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