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Prevention and Treatment

Apr 30th, 2010

preventionThroughout the school system today there are at any time upwards of thirty million students enrolled.  The schools, health insurance providers, and parents are very aware of this fact. When you initiate sports programs into these schools with this many students you are aware that accidents will happen.

Athletic trainers, physical therapists, and pediatricians are very perceptive to this fact and understand the dilemma it presents. In any given year, there are over one third of these innocent, young students who require medical assistance and this is where the health insurance providers begin to listen.

The health insurance industry, with the provision of monetary coverage has also discussed this with the many athletic trainers, schools, physical therapists, and others to try to put together a regiment of formative ideas to help the health insurance industry and the medical industry prevent many of the accidents that occur with the children.

Far too many community hospitals are being filled with children because of sports related injuries, when a little common sense and prevention plans would have alleviated much of this from happening. New and innovative rehabilitating techniques and surgical advances are currently available to help young athletes heal faster than ever before.

The fear for these young children by the medical community and the health insurance industry is lifelong sustaining injuries that begin at such a young and tender age. New guidelines for preventive measures are in order before more children must be exposed to so much unnecessary pain and the possibility of surgery when it could have been avoided.

Pediatric sports health care medicine has evolved tremendously over the years, but more needs to be accomplished to help some young students who are still physically growing. The prevention mechanisms and the innovative treatments will go a long way in preventing many of the injuries all these children are now experiencing. A few of the items to research besides better equipment is:

1.    Adolescent athletic bone health care issues

2.    Scoliosis prevention in young athletes

3.    The far too many elbow reconstruction and knee reconstruction

4.    Proper nutrition and vitamins for all young athletes

5.    Infectious diseases spreading through young athletic communities

Even the health insurance industry understand how certain physical injuries sustained in a sports related activity can become a long-term deformity causing the student a deformity for the remainder of his or her life. This is not what anyone wants, but it begins by easing back on a few of the sports related activities, which are supposed to be fun.

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