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Living with Pre-Existing Conditions

Nov 24th, 2010

pre-existing conditionsHaving one or more pre-existing conditions may not seem very serious to most individuals, but it can be very serious to those who suffer and must live their lives with them. Obviously, not all pre-existing health care conditions are life threatening, but there are many that are.
Most health insurance providers include health care riders in the annual health insurance policies excluding pre-existing conditions for a purpose. The health insurance provider is not in the business of hurting those individuals they are trying to include in their fold. However, in order for the health insurance provider to remain in business to serve other individuals they must live by a set of rules, laws, and regulations.
Now they are being advised by the government, through the new health care reform bill to include all individuals of all ages into their fold who are affected with one or more pre-existing conditions. This is going to be very difficult because each health insurance provider is limited by the amount of monetary funds they bring in through the average monthly cost for health insurance from their current subscribers.
The health insurance provider is bound to a matter of ethics to base each individual’s health insurance policy by the number of individuals to be insured. They will want to draw in the healthiest individuals who go year after year paying their health insurance premium with few health insurance claims being filed throughout the course of the year.
The healthy individuals will continue to pay their annual health insurance premiums year after year. This helps the health insurance providers to build the funds they hold in equity in behalf of all health insurance subscribers. Then when an individual files a health insurance claim the health insurance provider has the ability and the means, according to specific guidelines, to remit the funds in behalf of their client.
This was working well before the addition of pre-existing conditions as the government has mandated through the new health insurance reform bill. It will be interesting to observe how this will all unfold into the future with more than thirty million individuals being mandated on the health insurance rolls.
Under the new health insurance laws that were recently passed, the health insurance providers are looking into new methods to re-write the annual health insurance policy to include pre-existing conditions. The new trend seems to be having a rating system for each former pre-existing condition. In this manner, the health insurance providers will have found a loophole in which they can still control who receives health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions.


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