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Medicare Advantage or Disadvantage

Apr 23rd, 2010

medicare advantageMedicare Advantage is a health insurance addendum to the more traditional Medicare health insurance plan. For the most part Medicare Advantage picks up the slack in health insurance benefits that the traditional Medicare enrollment plan is deficient. Granted not all of the senior citizens across the country are financially able to afford the additional fee, but for those who are this is a lifesaver.

Medicare Advantage health care usually picks up for vision and vision related testing and paraphernalia as well as many of the dental plans that are offered. Even though it is an expense to pay out of pocket, it has become a valuable asset when it comes to walkers, wheelchairs, and prescription medication.

One of the disadvantages that has stemmed from the initiation of the Medicare Advantage low cost health insurance program is that the cost for a medical physician visit along with prescription medication has doubled, tripled, and in some cases raised more for the remainder of the population.

A prescription for Cocept eye drops cost forty-six dollars before the Medicare Advantage health insurance subsidy was initiated. Within a time frame of six months of the initiation of Medicare Advantage the same prescription for Cocept eye drops rose to two hundred eighty-six dollars.

Since many of the Prescription drug manufacturers have quietly moved out of the country or went out of business, most of the prescription drug medication is shipped in from foreign countries which also adds to the high cost of medication and health insurance in general.

Cocept is shipped from a pharmaceutical corporation in France, yet the cost still remained low until after the passage of the Medicare Advantage. Actually, this is another reason why many families today are struggling when it comes to health care.

Families with young children are hesitant to make an appointment with a medical physician because even the office visit has doubled in price. Even with affordable health insurance, many families are not so quick to call and make an appointment with the medical physician unless they absolutely must.

Years ago, there was no stopgap health care measure for those reaching their senior years.  It was more a matter of when someone was no longer able to care for him or herself.  They would move in with one of their children, usually the oldest child in the family. Other surrounding siblings would help by sharing the financial expenses. Those who had no family usually turned to their place of worship and were accepted.

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