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Medicare Improvements Part One

Dec 23rd, 2010


Included in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an entire section devoted to future Medicare improvements to help our senior citizens. On the surface, it sounds very promising and will cause some to celebrate thinking they will finally have access to the medical health care they have so long needed.

One of the down sides to this is that it also states in the new health care reform bill how half a trillion dollars is being confiscated from the Medicare program to help pay for other government programs. Take the half a trillion dollars being stolen from the Medicare government run health insurance and add about thirty million additional individuals to the Medicare government run health insurance and what do you think you will be left with?

The remaining individuals who are currently employed will now be seeing less net income because to cover the difference the Medicare tax must increase for all employed individuals. Add to this all the other increasing taxes. You are now expected to hand it over to the government and it will leave you with what for a net income.

Many of our senior citizens have purchased the Medicare Advantage health insurance to help them offset the twenty percent of cost they must currently pay out. This is a good program. This has helped millions of our senior citizens and without it; many will never see a medical health care physician again. Even the health insurance providers understand how helpful Medicare Advantage health insurance program has been to many of our current seniors.

Our senior citizens are on a fixed income through pension plans and social security. How can they be expected to pay even more out of pocket expense when they just do not have the money? Yes, there is a small percentage that still own their own homes, have cars, boats, and travel, but this is not the majority.

When our senior citizens are refused admittance into a community hospital or are unable to pay for a medical health care prescription, whom will they turn to? Turning to their children will be of no help because their children will now be struggling to take care of their own families. Their children will be actively trying to work harder to pay for a mandated health insurance policy that is virtually worthless.

Family members will be having so much more money confiscated from their weekly salary that it will soon be impossible to continue remaining employed and then how will they turn over their money to the Internal Revenue Service to pay for the mandated health insurance policy?

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