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Long Term Health Care

Jun 27th, 2010

health careLong-term health insurance plans are available to most individuals who are not covered under an employer’s health insurance policy. Many individuals who are fifty years old and older will find this to be an attractive asset to any health insurance policy, but the research will take some time to gather up all the facts. Medicare includes a supplemental health insurance plan that incorporates the long-term care.

However, you as an individual growing older must wonder who is looking out for your best interest beside yourself. Locating an affordable health insurance policy until you, reach sixty-five years of age is not easy and it can be very costly depending on your medical health care needs.

Unfortunately, your personal overall medical health care needs are what will determine which health insurance policy is best for you. The ages between fifty years and sixty-five years are the most crucial to all interested individuals because this is when most individuals fall into a gap.

The health insurance industry as a whole is very aware of this situation and it is the main reason why all individuals who fall into this age category must take extra precautions to research what they want before they enroll into any one health insurance plan. Today there are a three different PPO health insurance plans (Preferred Provider Organization) offered that cater to the specific age group between fifty years old and sixty-five years old.

  1. The Premier Plan, which is similar to an employer health insurance plan
  2. The High Deductible Health Insurance Plans in conjunction with the HSA (Health Savings Account
  3. Preventive Hospital Health Insurance Plans

The Premier Health Insurance Plan offers coverage of up to and including eighty percent of the total cost for preventive health care, medical prescription medication, medical physician office visits, and hospitalization after the annual deductible has been met. Family deductibles range from three thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars depending upon your current needs.

The High Deductible health insurance plan works in conjunction with the Health Savings Account allowing for individual freedom with an average deductible for families ranging from six thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. This is a beneficial health insurance plan for those individuals who are in good health with few pre-conditions.

The Preventive and Hospital health insurance plans are for those individuals who are seeking assistance with hospitalization costs and or outpatient surgery facilities. The deductibles range from two thousand five hundred dollars to six thousand dollars per family. This is mostly for those who are seeking help with catastrophic health care issues.

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