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Insurance Stipulations

Jun 21st, 2010

insuranceHave your high school and college age children pleaded with you to enroll in a school team sport? Do your children and you have a full understanding of all that is involved? Are you aware that you, the parent, are still ultimately responsible for any health care related injuries that may occur?

Children today are being pushed to such extreme limits that their bodies are bound to break down at some point. The need for most schools and colleges to push their sports agenda has become enormous. While some will have restrictions and expectations for academic standards, most do not.

The health care issues that are involved and many of our children are being injured because of the extreme regiment that many schools have added to their daily activities. Many of the modern day health insurance quotes do not include sports related activities and this is an issue for school, colleges, and parents to pay attention.

Many parents have taken notice how their children are expected to attend before school sports training and after school sports training leaving little time for academics and physical relaxation. The health insurance issues that are being addressed concern:

  1. Football leagues, baseball leagues, and swim teams
  2. La Cross teams, Rugby teams, and Soccer teams
  3. Fencing teams, Basketball teams, and Wrestling teams

According to statistical studies on behalf of the many health insurance providers, students are being injured at an alarming rate and costing thousands upon thousands of dollars for hospitalization and outpatient health care. It has already been proven how many students are permanently injured and the cost for medical health care is only increasing.

A number of years ago the health insurance providers began to offer a more expensive health insurance policy that was designed for the amateur athletes to cover some, if not all the possible mishaps that occur.

  1. Dislocating shoulders, and broken bones
  2. Head injuries, paralysis, and many other injuries

These require surgery and long-term health care during convalescence. This also places many families in deep debt, which they sometimes never climb out of in behalf of their child. Sports insurance though, does carry certain stipulations as all health insurance policies.

  1. Health insurance provisions must include protective equipment
  2. Injuries must be sustained during a sports event
  3. The health care provision regarding pre-existing conditions remains in effect
  4. Health insurance coverage becomes void when alcohol and or drugs are involved at the time of the accident

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