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Ice Hockey Agreement

Feb 16th, 2010

hockeyIce Hockey is an exciting and very formidable sport with probably as much human contact during the game play as football. However, the Hockey players have come to a collective agreement to come together and organize all the individual teams under one umbrella for the sake and salvation of the continuation of the sport.

This monumental move with benefit all the professional hockey players on all the teams in many ways including the ability to obtain health insurance coverage. This will now include a number of items that these hard working hockey professionals have been trying to attain for a very long time.

Considering that most hockey players manage to make a livable income they still fall short of other sports figures receiving millions of dollars. The agreement made contains the following which follows closely the format for a small business operator in day-to-day life.

1.               Enhancing all skills development

2.               Provisions for the hockey player when the playing years pass

3.               Learning other skills to remain employed when no long on the ice

4.               All players have the opportunity to continue in further future studies

5.               A more substantial affordable health insurance policy with provisions for sick pay, accident pay, collective life insurance, and retirement annuity

Now and in the future as a structure from the small business operator you are certain this will work for yourself and of course for your family members. You have a nice family; you bought your own home, own a car or two. You are in a position to begin feeling comfortable about yourself and your accomplishments, but now your medical health insurance premium expenses are beginning to grow higher.

The last ten to fifteen years have been rough, but they have been rewarding as well. Even your status as a hockey player has been prosperous with college education for your children just around the corner, and you believe you are well prepared. Thanks to perseverance new hockey laws passed to allow you and other team members the same deductions as the larger more prosperous accomplished hockey professional.

This is all well and good, but first you are obligated to pay the average monthly cost for health insurance in order to take the annual deduction. This will help cut the cost of medical health insurance for the short-term but eventually you will have to consider purchasing your own medical health insurance policy or choose to go without.  This new medical health insurance you will now be enrolling is only for while you are an active hockey player.

What will happen with your children when you no longer have medical health insurance coverage? Will you begin to do the research and learn all there is to know. Will you wait and see if your wife can carry the children and you the rest of the way until you are stable?


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