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Health Insurance Coverage Denied

Dec 22nd, 2010

health insurance coverage

Still today, even with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, individuals with pre-existing conditions that require long-term medical health care physician services continue to be denied. How can a country that was once rich in assets, technology, and scientific expertise be so inept in providing for their own citizens?

Many of the health insurance providers have allowed the list of pre-existing conditions to grow for a very simple reason. The more pre-existing conditions that can be placed on a twelve-month to eighteen-month waiting list before health insurance coverage is permitted is that much less the health insurance provider is responsible to pay the medical health care physician.

This also helps the entire health insurance industry because it gives the needed time for those who choose to subscribe with a given health insurance provider time to accumulate the needed monetary funds for when these individuals begin to file health insurance claims. Remember, the health insurance provider is a business, no different from any other respectable business. They all have their turnkey factor that they must meet every day.

It becomes sad when the human factor begins to take its toll because most individuals do not have the accumulation of personal monetary funds to pay for their own medical health care needs. By purchasing a health insurance policy year after year, they are paying for their medical health care needs on the installment plan. After many years have passed they have accumulated thousands of dollars in affordable health insurance and by then will have even their pre-existing conditions covered.

It really becomes a sad state of affairs when the health insurance providers drop or cancel an individual’s health insurance policy because they were recently diagnosed with breast cancer or other form of long-term catastrophic illness. To the individual it appears that now that they require the services of their health insurance provider the most is when they are dismissed or cancelled.

Under the recently passed health care reform bill, these pre-existing conditions will be included with all health insurance policies. Where the health insurance provider will make up the difference is anyone’s guess. The bottom line with regard to the financial statement of all health insurance providers will change, but what we are uncertain of is how much more each subscriber health insurance policy costs will rise.
Logically something will have to be analyzed differently and the probably outcome will be in the increased annual health insurance policy premiums for every participating subscriber.


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