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Health Care Reform Realities

Nov 18th, 2010

health care reformThe entire premise of the health care reform was basically two fold. In one respect, it was to help lower the overall costs for the health insurance providers who are going broke trying to keep up with the trends of rising cost in the medical health care community.
The advent of major technology infiltrating the medical health care community has helped many more patients, but is costing more than anyone ever imagined. In recent years, there has been such an explosion of growth in the medical health care community that it is difficult to pin point exactly where the added cost has come.
Medicare and Medicaid have also played a role in the rising costs for the government and for the states. The states must contribute a certain portion of all medical health care costs along with collaborating with the government. The states Medicaid rolls and Medicare rolls have grown tremendously in the past few years and is now causing them much worry.
Many states across the country are growing broke while others are already showing a sizeable short fall on their books and this is going to cause grief for all citizens as this progressively becomes worse. States have been trying to find creative ways to work around their respective health insurance and health care difficulties, but they are about to hit a brick wall.
Long-term health care and nursing home care for the elderly has more than doubled in the last few years. Now, you add in the additional baby boomers that are close to retirement or decided to retire at an earlier age and you have a disaster for health care in the making.
Now Congress is going through the health care reform bill and trying to make adjustments in the form of reducing and or diminishing the health care services in lieu of higher annual health insurance premiums. The costs are rising higher and faster than anyone anticipated before the passage of the health insurance reformation.
Some of the studies that are coming in to the health insurance providers are real revelations as they are seeing a rising cost of thirty-five percent to fifty percent over the next few years.
Yet, the perception still remains that the health care overhaul was to lower the cost of health insurance policies and all those trips to the medical health care physician. Remember, even the medical health care physicians are now mandated to take a twenty-one percent decrease in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.


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