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Jul 30th, 2014

This week news of more Medicaid cuts have surfaced. It has come to a point that even hospital stays are being limited to as few as 10 days per year. States are becoming creative in curbing Medicaid costs. The federal law allows states to make cuts on some health care services that are deemed optional […]


Jun 12th, 2013

When the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act go into effect next year all of America will be seeing some changes when it comes to health insurance. But there are a few groups who will being seeing some undeniably positive changes next year because of the law. Changes like the elimination pre-existing conditions, and […]

Nov 23rd, 2011

NY Post reports that in line with the health care reform, 24% more New York residents will join the Medicaid system. As of now, there are already 5 million residents in the program. If you add the 24%, membership will increase to 6 million. Right now there are many residents who are eligible for coverage […]

Jan 12th, 2011

Under the new health care reform, there are many new changes that will soon be introduced to the mass public for their consumption. One of the more prominent changes will occur with the Medicaid program, which is governed through the federal government for those individuals who fall at or below the standard poverty statistics. One […]

Jan 7th, 2011

How will the senior citizens who rely on Medicare be affected by the new health care reform bill?  All seniors in one way or another will be affected by the changes that are coming soon to the current Medicare health care system. Some may enjoy the changes to Medicare, but the majority of recipients will […]

Dec 17th, 2010

Where do the homeless turn to for comprehensive medical healthcare access? This has been a very difficult problem to overcome in the past for millions of individuals. Medicare health insurance is available to all individuals who reach the age of sixty-five. Medicaid health insurance is available to all low-income individuals who have a dependent or […]

Dec 14th, 2010

Medicaid is a government-run health insurance that is deliverable to all individuals with children who qualify. Though the government is the overseer of Medicaid health insurance, the bulk of the responsibility remains with the individual states of the union. There are specific rules, laws, and regulations as to who qualifies and who does not qualify […]

Dec 6th, 2010

How well will health care be for those individuals suffering with chronic care? Under the new health care reform bill, will there be a benefit for those individuals who require the expertise of medical health care physicians? Will these individuals continue to be pushed aside because they lack the necessary monetary funds to pay for […]

Nov 30th, 2010

Alzheimer’s disease is only one of many debilitating diseases for the medical healthcare community to understand. The health insurance provider in most cases is through Medicare and Medicaid as it is a disease that makes it known as an individual begins to age. Why this happens remains unclear although the medical health care community is […]

Nov 29th, 2010

There are a few new provisions regarding health insurance providers and medical health care that will be going into effect beginning January 1, 2011. How many senior citizens are prepared for the changes to their health care? How many senior citizens even know that changes have been made and are ready to be instituted? One […]

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