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Adult Sport Insurance

Mar 26th, 2010

insuranceToday all anyone is discussing is the pros and cons of having medical health insurance coverage. Health insurance of any kind seems to have made it to the top of the list and so many are realizing the importance. How did anyone manage years ago when there was little or no medical coverage to help curtail the initial cost of a catastrophic event?

Even during the very early days of organized adult sports, team’s health insurance was the furthest issue from anyone’s mind. Yet today it is the first issue we are all discussing. Of course, years ago the medical physician made his rounds through house calls to visit those who were ill or injured. Today the medical physician makes his or her rounds in a sterile setting like a medical office or in a hospital.

Accidental affordable health insurance is far from inexpensive today and most of the time the individuals are under-insured. This causes a substantial amount of money out of pocket to cover the expenses when an injury occurs. Those sports figures that are fortunate enough to be with well-known teams usually have group health insurance, but many less known sports figures have some type of independent insurance when and where it is locatable.

Today all active players carry medical insurance while they are engaging in their sport of choice. The team coverage or group insurance coverage also covers the participant traveling to and from their place of residents to the sports arena. The one major downside to all of this is the individual runs the risk of waiting up to a full year to begin collecting any benefits from their individual health insurance policy.

When accidental death and or dismemberment occur, there are a few items the individual or the family will receive from the initial health care company or team insurance.

1.              You or family members will receive the full sum for loss of life.

2.              You or family members will receive the full principal sum due for
double dismemberment.

3.              You or family members will receive fifty percent of the sum for the loss
of a hand, foot, or sight in one eye.

4.              You or family members will receive twenty-five percent of the sum for the
loss of the index finger and thumb on the same hand.

The maximum medical health insurance benefits when eligible result from a covered injury then the initial company must pay all charges for the expense within a fifty-two week period as is apparent through reading the fine print.

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