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Addition of Pre-Existing Conditions

Oct 25th, 2010

pre-existing conditionsMany individuals throughout the country were cautiously optimistic when the new health insurance reform bill was passed into law. A large majority of the citizenry were upset and disgusted because of the promises and underhanded deals that were discussed to help pass this health care reform bill. Most of the participants in Congress voted on the bill before they had a chance to read what was included.

As months have passed, more information has been exposed to the light of day and the health insurance providers along with the citizens are beginning to learn more of what is being included and what is being reduced and eliminated. A few of the new rules for health insurance providers offering low cost health insurance to a group setting are:

1.    No established rules for eligibility

2.    Current health status

3.    Past and current medical condition

4.    Physical and mental illnesses

5.    Claims experience and receipt of health care

6.    Medical history, genetic information

7.    Evidence of insurability and disability

The one major downside for the health insurance provider is that they, along with all individuals will now have to answer to the Internal Revenue Service for medical health care assistance. Even the medical health care physician will have to put a patient on hold until permission from the Internal Revenue Service is administered.

The Internal Revenue Service will now require a patient’s medical records before any medical health care physician can proceed with treatment, leaving the individual at the mercy of the government. The Internal Revenue will also be responsible for collecting the average monthly cost for health insurance from every individual or penalties will be issued.

Pre-existing conditions are now a part of the past, but it will still be to the discretion of the Internal Revenue Service for a medical health care physician to treat an individual. Is this what you really wanted? How will you feel when you make an appointment to see a medical health care physician and you are told you may not receive treatment?

Pre-existing conditions are now to be covered, but there are still strings attached to patients requesting assistance. You will have to participate in a wellness program in your area and follow the health care instructions you are given or when the Internal Revenue Service finds you are amiss you will receive a penalty.

However, there will be plenty of penalty fees to go around because there are many individuals who are presently refusing to participate in the mandated health insurance. It seems it will be less expensive to pay the mandatory fine than it will be to purchase even a low cost health insurance policy.


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