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Uninsured Women and Pregnancy

Jul 8th, 2009

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health insuranceIn America, approximately 41 million people are uninsured, which presents a challenge for those who are pregnant.  Approximately 13% of all women who become pregnant are not insured, which results in poor quality or inadequate prenatal care.  Then to add insult to injury, many health insurance companies consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition, which makes it next to impossible to get a reasonably priced health insurance policy that covers what a pregnant woman requires.

Although Medicaid, a government-funded program, accepts low-income pregnant females, you must be low-income and if not, you will not qualify, so you are back to the challenge of paying for each prenatal visit required at the doctor’s office, as well as the delivery of the baby.  The estimated cost to deliver the baby, without regular doctor visits, is between $8,000 and $10,000 for a relatively normal pregnancy, but if you are a high-risk patient the prices skyrocket upward.

Besides Medicaid, the WIC program, also federally funded acts as a safeguard for low-income children under the age of five, and women by providing information about healthy eating and nutritious foods to supplement the families’ diet.  They also provide healthcare referrals.

Another alternative for pregnant women is the Maternity Advantage program, which is a discounted health program that saves pregnant women up to 60% on lab work, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and required tests throughout the pregnancy.  Although Maternity Advantage is not a health insurance, it works by supplying a preferred provider’s network for a low monthly fee.  It is a maternity plan to keep the mother and developing baby healthy during the pregnancy.  If you are pregnant, without insurance, and require information on this program, call 1-800-450-0183.

Another program that is similar to Maternity Advantage is AmeriPlan, which saves the pregnant woman 50% on her healthcare requirements during her pregnancy and delivery and is available in all states, excluding Alaska.  The program functions a bit differently from Maternity Advantage, so you would probably be wise to check out both programs if they are available in your state, before making a final decision.  To learn more about AmeriPlan, call 1-800-647-8421.

Today, this is the situation, many pregnant women find themselves placed in, and therefore, added stress to the baby’s safe development is placed upon the woman’s shoulders in the form of financial anxiety and worries, which in some cases can promote premature delivery.  So before the worry becomes too much, check out the programs above and consult your local hospital for other programs available in your area.

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