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Is Insurance Failing?

Dec 4th, 2009


An alarming trend is developing within New York and the rest of the United States. Fewer citizens are able to claim their share of health insurance coverage. An average of seventy five percent of adults have spent time researching all the various insurance policies only to be discouraged by the high cost for health coverage. This is an alarming trend that has been developing over the past few years as insurance companies readjust the cost to health providers and hospitals.

A small percentage of these individuals denied health coverage because of their pre-existing condition or conditions. The high cost of health has caused many employers to drop medical coverage leaving more individuals to search for low cost health insurance for themselves and their families. Individual citizens are turning away from necessary health assistance because of the high cost and this puts the healthy individuals in jeopardy too.

Over the years we have a return of tuberculosis, polio, and small pox once eradicated from this country. As more people come to live in the state of New York and around the country diseases are spreading. Statistically the research is unveiling an uncertainty that soon we as citizens will all have to face and deal with.

1.               Those with medical insurance are paying over ten percent out-of-pocket expenses and the cost is increasing by the day.

2.               Almost sixty percent of the population is unable to find affordable health insurance coverage.

3.               Almost fifty percent of the population found it next to impossible to find health coverage to suit their individual requests.

4.               Almost forty percent denied any medical coverage because of a pre-existing condition that they need assistance with most.

Individuals who have health coverage through an employer have an estimated out-of-pocket expense of $2200.00 per year. Individuals who have health coverage independently have an estimated out of pocket expense of $6700.00 per year. This is a huge discrepancy within our health provider industry and leaves many, including children without the option of medical assistance.

Of course age is a factor that weighs into the health insurance quotes when an individual is shopping around for affordable care. The younger and healthier an individual is, the more affordable the insurance coverage is. This is not good for the population as a whole though, because statically the majority of our population is aging.

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