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Jul 13th, 2009

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There are many health insurance plans within the greater New York area and all have fine coverage to offer the individual self employed person. With such a large population in a relatively small locality the choices are tremendously in the favour of the resident. It is always just a matter of personal choice. While you are doing your homework be sure to look for the self employment health insurance plan that will closely suit your needs. One of the sticking point is for those individuals that have pre-conditions. What is the technical definition of a  pre-condition? It is a chronic condition that you have had for a long time, such as rheumatoid arthritis, or more commonly, an affliction like diabetes. These are only two examples and there are many other pre-conditions, but the problem is that unless you have continuous coverage and are now attempting to switch it over this may be a bit of a set back. Most health insurance of New York will require you to have a waiting period for coverage on the pre-condition ranging from three months to one year. Now, depending upon what you have this may or may not be a problem. You will have to find out what the waiting period is depending upon the self-insured policy you choose to sign on to. Something to keep in the back of your mind though is that no matter what the waiting time is, your health should never be sacrificed. There are many health insurance plans within the New York area for you to investigate and with the use of the internet the time spent searching is not as long as it used to be. Something else to be aware of when making enquiries into a given health insurance policy and that is what they exclude from being covered. Medical coverage such as accidental injuries, medical emergencies and pre-certification are terms to be aware of as they are usually not explicit enough by definition. This could then favour the insurance company as it is then in the hands of their interpretation of the incident that you are placing a claim for. Whether you select a self employed insurance plan through Blue Cross, Oxford health pans or any other policy that you may be interested in be sure to have them define their terms so that there is no chance of a misunderstanding down the road. An example of this would be the word “emergency”. Your definition would be anything that causes major alarm, but your insurance carrier may interpret it as anything that relates to a matter of life or death. This could ultimately lead to addition and unnecessary expenses that you had not planned on.

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