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What tax forms will I need to submit in order to sign up with a Self Employed health plan?

In order to enroll under a self employed health insurance plan, each insurance company will require that you submit certain tax documentation along with your application.  Most people that are self employed are sole proprietors, however you can be incorporated and still be considered self employed. To be considered eligible you must be actively in business and submit the appropriate tax documentation which must be from the most recent filing period. Please see the table below and follow any of the links to see the appropriate forms.

Status  Required Tax Documents
S Corporation Form 1120S & K-1
C Corporation Form 1120 & K-1
Limited Liability Corporation Form 1065 & K-1
Sole Proprietors (1099’s) Form 1040 (first 2 pages) & Schedule C
Partnerships Form 1065 & K-1 for each partner
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