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Healthy New York Plan Benefits Employees and Families

The Healthy New York comprehensive insurance plan was designed to promote an affordable insurance plan to eligible uninsured small businesses and their employees. The Healthy NY insurance plan is revered among individuals and families as one of the top all-inclusive low cost insurance plans in the New York area. Many uninsured employees are pushing for their employers to offer the plan although many are unaware of the guidelines surrounding acceptance.

There are several conditions an individual must meet to qualify for this plan as an uninsured employee. First, they must be a resident of New York State that has not been employed within 12 months. Secondly, they must not currently be receiving insurance from an employer and must not have had been insured within the past year. Finally they have to be ineligible for Medicare and their gross salary is required meet the guidelines specified by the Healthy NY program. Though there are detailed exceptions and restrictions within these stipulations, the basic terms should give individuals an idea on their chances of qualifications.

There are many benefits for workers to join the Healthy New York insurance program as well. The offered benefit packages are streamlined to fit the essential health needs of common participants in the program. Healthy NY boasts low-cost coverage for many procedures such as prostate screenings, outpatient hospital services, maternity care, preventive mammography screenings, emergency services, and beneficial cancer services such as radiological services and chemotherapy. The plan also covers preventive child health care services, well-child visits and immunizations for dependent children. If selected, the plan also covers prescription drugs obtained at a participating pharmacy. There are many other services covered by the program, but these give an indication of the broad coverage the Healthy NY plan possesses when compared to traditional insurance plans.

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