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May 6th, 2013

Cancer can be caused by environmental or hereditary factors, or a combination of both. Several studies reveal that limiting or avoiding consumption of certain foods can prevent or delay the onset of cancer, especially for those who have a family history of cancers of the digestive system. Here are five cancer causing foods you should […]

Mar 20th, 2013

A number of deaths caused by cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes may be linked to sugary drinks. A recent study presented at a convention sponsored by the  American Heart Association (AHA) has associated about 180,000 deaths around the world each year to soft drinks, fruit drinks, and sports drinks. Sugary drinks are consumed worldwide, and […]

Nov 5th, 2012

Women who regularly consume sugary drinks are more likely to experience stroke than women who only drink sweetened beverages occasionally, according to a recent Japanese research. Like previous studies that showed the link between sugary drinks and several health problems like diabetes, obesity, and heart attacks, this study also failed to establish a cause and […]

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