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Destiny Health InsuranceIf you’re looking for Destiny Health insurance quotes, you need not go elsewhere. Vista Health Solutions can connect you with top health insurers in your area. With Vista Health you can find reliable health insurance providers with quality health plans like Destiny Health insurance. We make finding health insurance convenient for you. By entering your zip code you will find all the plans available for you including Destiny Health insurance plans. Our site makes it easy for you to compare the plans side by side. And should you need any clarification, you can just call our customer service number and our agents are always ready to assist you.

Destiny Health insurance company with a unique approach to health insurance where members have control of their health care dollars. This brand new health insurance company started in 2000 and is based in Illinois, focusing heavily on the member making the choices with their money and the health care they receive. Destiny Health encourages their members to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Members who actively participate and yield results are rewarded. Destiny Health  goes by these six principles:

  1. Empowers members where care is affordable and more controllable
  2. Provides comprehensive coverage for less controllable events
  3. Provides coverage that is good not only for the sick, but also for the healthy
  4. Enhances wellness and promotes healthier lifestyles
  5. Equips members with relevant, real-time information
  6. Offers flexibility and choice

What’s unique about this fund is it is tax-advantaged. You make all your deductible and medical payments with this fund; it is still a comprehensive plan from out-of-pocket. But afterwards, your medical expenses will be paid for by the plan. The exciting part of this account is if you don’t spend all the money in the account during that year, it’ll remain and continue growing, only tax-free! The plus side is you can use the money from a previous year to pay for a different year.

One of its perks includes its Member Support which gives its members access to call the Nurse Line at any hour of the day, seven days a week, as well as an Customer Care Center, Health Management Service, and phone audio Library.

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