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Understanding the true cost of health insurance is imperative for consumers today. Aside from just comparing monthly premiums, individuals and business owners alike need to consider how the upcoming health care reform changes will affect them. Use our health insurance calculator to find out everything you need to know about calculating health insurance costs. Start by selecting the calculator you would like to use.

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Factors to Consider when using a Health Insurance Calculator:

When it comes to calculating health insurance plans, it’s tempting to pick the cheapest plan. However, just like anything else, you can’t just look at the price tag. No two health insurance plans are the same and coverage options can vary greatly from one plan to the next. Make sure you consider the following when using a health insurance calculator.

1) The type of plan that’s right for you. Do you know the difference between an HSA and a PPO? How about an HDHP and an HRA? Tired of acronyms and just want the facts? Check out our health insurance learning center for definitions of all the plan types and make sure you are getting a plan that fits your health care needs before using a health insurance calculator.

2) Premiums aren’t the bottom line. A cheaper monthly rate on a health insurance plan might look good at first, but what is the payoff? Many plans that have a low monthly premium carry a higher deductible or more expensive co-pays for doctor visits. Depending on your financial situation and healthcare needs, you may want to consider calculating estimated health insurance costs involved in a plan for a whole year.

3) Networks.  If you have a doctor that you want to stick with but need to change your health insurance plan, make sure you are considering the doctor network attached to the new plan. When using a health insurance calculator, be sure to check the network while you are comparing quotes. Also, be sure to ask your health insurance agent about out-of-network coverage as well in the event you need to visit a physician who is not in-network. This is something you should check out while using any health insurance calculator.

4) Always Compare Carriers. When using a health insurance calculator be sure to check premiums from as many health insurance carriers as possible. Shopping with a company that compares multiple plans for you ensures that you always know what your options are.

Health insurance calculators are a great tool to use because they can take many of these factors into account for you and display all of your options in one place. If you want to calculate the effects that healthcare reform will have on your finances check out our healthcare reform calculators.


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