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Six Easy Ways To Curb Late Night Snacking

Feb 7th, 2013

curb late night snacking Daytime snacks can help space your caloric requirements evenly helping you avoid eating very heavy meals. However, it can also get out of control and can lead you to consume unwanted calories. Late night snacks are usually driven by cravings or habit and not by hunger. Here are simple ways to help you curb late night snacking.

Eat a satisfying dinner

This is a simple solution that many people who want to lose weight often overlook. You don’t necessarily have to eat bigger portions, but your dinners have to be well-balanced and can satisfy you until bed time.

Eat fruit

Our cravings for sweets and desserts can cause us to seek late night snacks. Instead of indulging in unhealthy sweets, go for fruits like apples, avocados, or bananas. Don’t eat too much though, as some fruits can contain lots of calories. Keep your portions under 100 calories.

Drink herbal tea

Changing the flavor in your mouth may be enough to quench your desire for night snacks. Drinking a cup of warm tea can satisfy your desire without adding to your calorie count.

Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth immediately after meals will not only keep your teeth and gums healthy, it also helps curb your desire for more food. The minty fresh taste makes food taste weird helping you lose your cravings for late night snacks. You can also chew on sugarless gum if you can’t brush your teeth right away.

Drink some water

Drinking water is a simple solution to buck excessive eating. We often mistake thirst for hunger, making us eat when we should be drinking. Water helps fill your stomach which signals your brain that you’re no longer hungry.

Find some distractions

Many people eat late snacks mindlessly and not really to satisfy hunger. You can employ psychological tactics to help you make it to bed without eating more calories. Occupy your mind with tasks until your cravings pass. Talk to a friend over the phone, go for a walk or light exercise, play your favorite game, or read an entertaining book.

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