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Get The Most Out Of Your Gym By Avoiding These Bad Habits

Mar 19th, 2013

Get The Most Out Of Your GymDo you find yourself at the gym regularly but still can’t get the results you want. Want to get the most of your gym? Check out these bad gym habits that might be ruining your workout:

Sticking to the same routine

If you want results, your workout must evolve according to your body’s capacity. Trying a new routine can be intimidating, but you need to branch out to get to your next fitness level. Doing the same thing over and over again will not only delay your progress, it can also be very boring. Add new aspects to your workout like yoga, cycling, and interval training. Try to mix it up to make sure you body doesn’t plateau.

Not taking classes

Do not underestimate the things you can learn from a gym class. Sure, you can learn a lot of stuff watching online videos, but nothing beats getting first hand lessons from a certified instructor. Even if you work out on your own, attending a class can give new ideas or improve your exercise form. Check your gym’s class schedule and find something you’re interested in.

Not focusing on your workout

Updating your Twitter and Facebook status on your phone can be tempting when you’re on the treadmill, but trying to multitask when working out will ruin your exercise. Avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.

Using ineffective machines

You might be logging in several gym hours but can’t get the desired results. Your progress might be hampered by ineffective machines that isolate just one set of muscles, like the abductor thigh machine or crunch machine. Use machines that engage your entire body or multiple muscle groups instead.

Skipping warm ups and cool downs

Your workout will definitely suffer if you skip these essential steps. Warming up primes your muscles, to help you perform your best. While cooling down helps your muscles grow stronger during the rebuilding process.



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