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The Future of Health Care

Feb 2nd, 2012

future of health care

The time has moved slower than anticipated at times, but the health reform bill was finally signed and passed into law a number of months ago. The future remains uncertain as we the people still do not have a very good idea of how this new health care system will function once it is in full force. It seems that the government has decided to drag this whole episode of our lives out for a few more years but what is the future of health care?

There have been a few changes to occur already, but they are basically with the insurance providers than they are with the medical health physicians. Yet there are a few changes that will affect the medical health community too. The insurance providers have been mandated to accept all children with pre-existing conditions. This is going to hurt the health insurance providers because there are many children that traditionally were excluded because of cost.

Now regardless of whether their parents have group insurance through an employer or a separate low cost health insurance of their own the insurance provider must accept all children with pre-existing conditions. The reality of this set of circumstance is that all parents who have an insurance policy already have their children listed on the same insurance policy.

The children are currently receiving medical care and the necessary inoculations to enter the school year. These same children are only placed on a waiting list of up to eighteen months if the children were diagnosed with a pre-existing condition.

The waiting list only applies to the malady that is considered a pre-existing condition and all other aspects that fall under the parent’s affordable health insurance policy will be covered. The government is intending to divide the insurance system and the medical health community into four very distinct parts.

1. Re-engineering the American health system

2. Advancing public health and prevention

3. Promoting global health and health diplomacy

4. Strengthening United States medical health research

The government health initiative is so over powering and demanding that it will soon be the number one problem if something is not done to induce the halting march forward. What is being presented to the mass public is anything but a united health care reform bill. The true nature is a way for the federal government to gain full control over you the individual. They will and have already begun to dictate what you will eat and how much, when you will sleep, work, where will it end.

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