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Pros and Cons of Health Care

Feb 2nd, 2012

health careThe new health care initiative that is currently beginning to take place seems simple on the surface, but when you begin to read the fine print, it will soon turn into a royal nightmare. The federal government plans to increase the budget for the implementation of the new health care reform until the year of 2019 at which time it will begin to decrease it for the next decade.

Is this capturing your attention, considering the federal government is mandating all citizens be enrolled in not just any low cost health insurance plan, but a government sanctioned health insurance policy? The federal government is expecting an immediate reduction in cost for health insurance over the first ten years.

Theoretically, this means that the overall expenditures regarding all health insurance policies will decrease based on the increase of the number of individuals who are mandated to purchase and pay for a low cost health insurance policy. Of course, all individuals must understand that the low cost health insurance plan you choose must be sanctioned by the Internal Revenue Service.

When your low cost health insurance policy is not good enough for the Internal Revenue Service, they will recommend you choose another affordable health insurance policy within a reasonable amount of time or they will assign you a health insurance policy of their choosing. Can you imagine just as you are feeling better after such a long search for affordable health insurance to have the Internal Revenue Service mandate you purchase another health insurance policy with more comprehensive coverage that you probably are not able to afford?

Logically speaking it makes sense that the many health insurance providers will see a boost in their annual enrollments during the first few years because of the mandates coming from the federal government. Since more money will be coming into any of the different health insurance providers, it means that more individuals actually are covered under a health insurance policy of their choosing.

In the beginning, there will be an obvious surplus because not every citizen in the country is going to become ill or develop a long-term chronic illness at the same time. But there will be a point, down the road, when all of this will begin to level off and the cost for health insurance will begin to rise. The one factor that the government is not factoring in at this time is how many citizens will decide to forfeit the government-mandated health insurance in favor of just paying the minimal fine.

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